NScore: ?; Nodes: ?; CPUs: ?; Network cost: ~$?/day; Latest version: ?/?.

Avg remotes: ?; Avg speed: ?s; Avg queue: ?; Confirmation time: ?s (? hops).


Host Port Ping Platform CPUs Mem Load Threads Pcs Score Wallets Version NScore Rmts Hstr QLen Spd Jrnl Age Earnings Check

"Host" is the IP address or a hostname of the node (bold nodes are the hardcoded default ones); "Port" is the TCP port the node is responding at; "Ping" is the number of milliseconds the most recent HTTP GET request to the home page of the node took (the smaller, the better); "CPUs" is the total amount of processors at the particular node; "Mem" (memory) is the amount of memory the core Zold process consumes on the node, in % of total (the number has to stay below 50%); "Threads" is the amount of active threads vs. total threads at the node; "Pcs" is the amount of server processes which belong to the zold node; "Score" is the trust score of the node it exposes currently (it is expired and not valid, if it is crossed through); "Wallets" is the total amount of wallets the node is holding (256 means that the node is unable to calculate its wallets); "Version" is the version of software the node runs; "NScore" is the total network trust score the node estimates, read more; "Rmts" (remotes) is the total amount of remote nodes the node is connected to; "Hstr" (history) is the amount of recently processed PUSH requests; "QLen" (queue length) is the amount of PUSH requests staying in the line and wating processing; "Spd" (speed) is the average amount of time in seconds the node spends per each PUSH request processing; "Jrnl" (journal) is the length of request processing journal in the node; "Age" is the amount of hours since recent reboot of the node; "Earnings" is how much the node owner's wallet contains at the moment.